Please see here machines overhauled in WOMA's workshop. We are glad to refurbish your production equipment also the offered second hand machines from our stocklist. During overhauling we act in accordance with your wishes. Our qualified technicians work accurate, reliable and use only high-grade material and components of well-known trade names like FESTO or SIEMENS to guarantee spare part availability for our clients worldwide. Our workshop is equipped with all necessary tools and machinery to realize not only small repairs but also full overhaulings. Special parts like eroded, hardened or CNC shaped pieces are supplied from competent partner companies in the area around WOMA. Looking forward to your inquiry!

Fully automatic motorized hank cutter

  • Woma-No.: B02-188
  • Make: Woehler / Germany
  • Type: ASC 87
  • Year: 1989

Vertical Single Tufting Machine

  • Woma-No.: B05-706
  • Make: Schnekenburger / D
  • Year: 2014 overhauled

3-axis CNC Automatic Nail Brush Machine

  • Woma-No.: B06-0017
  • Make: Zahoransky / Germany
  • Type: HT10-AM10
  • Year: 1990

Clipper Trimmer

  • Woma-No.: B07-986
  • Make: Josef Baer / Germany
  • Type: ZMU

Form Shaper

  • Woma-No.: H02-9999a
  • Make: Zahoransky / Germany
  • Type: HF

Semi-automatic Brush Twisting Machine

  • Make: Zahoransky / Germany
  • Type: FD40
  • Year: 1951 !!!

WOMAtec CNC Retrofit

  • Woma-No.: B06-789
  • Make: Zahoransky / Germany
  • Type: ET11 CNC
  • Year: 2016 retrofit by WOMAtec

Manual Bundle Departer

  • Woma-No.: B03-885
  • Make: Schlesinger / Germany

Vertical Single Tufting Machine

  • Woma-No.: B05-704
  • Make: Zahoransky / Germany
  • Type: V10
  • Year: 2015 overhauled

Automatic Copying Shaper for Brush Blocks

  • Woma-No.: H02-771
  • Make: Hempel / Germany
  • Type: FQB
  • Year: 2014 overhauled

Single Tufting Machine ***big stroke***

  • Woma-No.: B05-733
  • Make: Zahoransky / Germany
  • Type: V20

Automatic Copying Shaper for Brush & Broom Blocks

  • Woma-No.: H02-637
  • Make: Boucherie / Belgium
  • Type: KBF

Vertical Single Tufting Machine

  • Woma-No.: B05-612
  • Make: Zahoransky / Germany
  • Type: V10

Twisted-in Wire Brush Machine

  • Woma-No.: B08-641
  • Make: Zahoransky / Germany
  • Type: FD 100
  • Year: 2013 full overhauling

Filament Bundle Cutter

  • Woma-No.: B02-616
  • Make: Zahoransky / Germany
  • Type: US 5 M

We wish all business partners
and their families that you
come through this difficult time
healthy and unscathed.

All the best.
Daniel & Maria Koehler

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