Not all available machines and tools are listed on our website. That's why please ask for the required equipment you can not find here. Either we can make an available offer immediately or we will search for the suitable equipment for you.


filament mixing machines (5)

Mixing and combing machines for automatic production of filament mixings consisting of natural or synthetic material.

bundle cutters (10)

Manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic stock & hank cutters for exact cut to length of filament bundles.

bundle partioning machines (6)

Machines for partitioning of evenly divided filament bundles e.g. for production of paint brushes.

brush block drilling machines (1)

Machines for drilling of brush and broom blocks made of wood or plastic. Either machines for drilling the tufting field, which is filled by hand or by tufting machine or machines for drilling the holes and threads e.g. for broom handles.

brush filling machines (10)

Electric or manual operated machines for filling of predrilled brushes and brooms.

brush drilling & filling (36)

Equipment for automatic tufting of brushes and brooms. Among not cycling and cycling machines as twin of carrousel machines, partly with integrated trimming unit.

trimming, cleaning & flagging machines (14)

Machines for manual or automatic trimming and cleaning of brushes, brooms and paint brushes. Flagging machines for finished products of filament bundles.

technical wire brush machines (1)

Special equipment for production of tufted wire brushes and wire brush segments, twisted-knot brushes and ring brushes.

twisted-in wire brush machines (4)

Special equipment for production of twisted-in wire brushes of the ranges household, medicine, cosmetics or industry.

strip brush machines (3)

Special equipment for production of strip brushes either with metal back or tufted e.g. into two-lined plastic block.

tooth & interdental brush machines (12)

Special equipment or complete production lines for production and packing of tooth brushes.

paint brush machines (14)

Special equipment or complete production lines for production of paint brush heads also for assembling of flat and round brushes. Additional equipment for paint brush production like bundle partitioning or trimming machines are listed in the corresponding category.

paint roller machines (2)

Special equipment for production of paint rollers.

mop machines (4)

Special equipment for production of mops made of cotton or other material also for production of dusters.

others (11)

e.g. machines for production of corn brooms.

tools & accessories (14)

e.g. filling tools of various makes, machines types and tool sizes also other accessoires of all machine categories as far as available.

examples of refurbish (22)

Please see here machines overhauled in WOMA's workshop.


  • 4-axis CNC Double Carrousel
    Zahoransky / Germany
    Z.PARD 6224
  • Horizontal Filling Machine
    Schlesinger / Germany
  • 6 pc. Bundle Pickers *overhauled*
  • Vertical Brush Filling Machine
    Zahoransky / Germany

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